About the Gallery

Fernando’s persistence in exhausting all options to realize what he believes in is remarkable.

Candida Gertler.  Outset Contemporary Art Fund

The Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery is the sole proprietor of the Valerie Furth Collection, which was acquired with great care and consideration from the collector’s son, Peter, after the collector’s passing. In an effort to solidify the heritage of Furth’s great strength, passion, and vision as a collector, artist, and individual, the Gallery has committed to the production of a catalogue raisonné of Valerie’s collection, to include a selection of her own work.  This great effort will also include interviews with many of the esteemed artists with whom the collector formed remarkably close and enduring relationships; these will be made available online and in print.

Opened in December 2009 in Stamford, Connecticut, the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery has revolutionized the landscape of contemporary art in the state, and has begun its international reach through an emergent arts foundation, dedicated to the advancement and support of the arts locally, nationally, and internationally.

For further information on the Gallery, its programming, or exhibitions please visit http://www.flalvarezgallery.com

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