About the Collection

There is nothing more civilized than the practice of art in the practice and production of civilization.  Adorno may have concerned himself with the ponderance of poetry after Auschwitz, but Valerie Furth understood something far more profound, in her journey as both collector and artist, in the artistic process and expression in the postwar and emergent postmodern period: that barbary only exists in an ignorance or deliberate forgetting of the human condition, that condition which is also that of the artist per se.  Each of the artists thus represented in the Valerie Furth Collection present her search for artists and artistic expression which defies any abyssal horror, which gives new light, and new hope, but also is possessent of a deep reflection on the nature of this condition of being we call human–even and often in the abstract.  A short list of artists included in her vision:

Helen Frankenthaler, David Row, Robert Motherwell, Louise Fishman, Alexander Calder, Sean Scully, Robert Longo, Alan Cote, Jake Berthot, Bill Max, Katherine Porter, Yann Mutrel, Howard Newman, and many others.

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