WITNESSING: An editorial note

Representing the ongoing effort to preserve the heritage of the collection, life, and vision of Valerie Jakober Furth, all materials presented here are the continued possession of the Valerie Furth Collection, a property of the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery.

Our work, a work in progress, is about testimony, witness, and the task of collecting, as a form of building, as a form of life. Within the content and existence of these pages, we seek to construct a resource to bring awareness to the story of this magnificent woman, to the nobility of her struggles, and to the beauty of her vision in a post Holocaust, and indeed now, post 9-11 world.  As we work towards the completion of a catalogue to be released in 2015 and a future exhibition of works in the collection, we shall publish archival resources, interviews, as well as information about the collection and Valerie’s own narrative–much of which would otherwise exceed the bounds of a final book or presentation.

We thank Kabir Valencia, Peter Furth, Fernando Luis Alvarez, and Rebecca Hansen for making this possible.


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